Saturday, September 17, 2016

Preschool too!? *Sigh*

As if sending Redmond off to Kindergarten this year wasn't emotionally draining enough, Ashlyn, my baby, started Preschool!  Throughout the summer she was constantly talking about how she couldn't wait to go to school and was always asking "how much longer, mama?" 

The morning of her first day she had a perma-grin alllll morning.  She had already been wearing her backpack everywhere for the past week. 

We got to her school and she couldn't wait to get out of the car.  Once she was unbuckled and free, she ran as fast as she could to the door! 

I had never seen so much excitement!  I thought "wow, she's just going to march right on in there".  Then.......her teacher opened the door.  Poor girl clung on to my leg and would not let go!  I walked her into her classroom, peeled her off of me and handed my tearful baby to her teacher.  Just like Redmond, I knew she'd be okay once I left.  I just had to leave.

When I came to pick her up just a couple hours later, she was all smiles!  She had a great first day, was already making new friends and drew lots of pictures to bring home.

We've had many teary mornings since, but they are slowly fading.  Hearing her stories about her day make my day. 

She's growing up and even though I'm ready for it......I'm not ready for it.....

~ Sara :)

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