Friday, July 8, 2016

Peace Out, Preschool!

So something big happened just over a month ago.  Something HUGE, actually.  Redmond, my first born, my baby, finished preschool.

He is done with preschool.

And, even though he's been done and out of school for over a month, I'm still having a hard time acknowledging that my little guy will be starting kindergarten in a little less than two months.

He's going to be gone all day.  I have spent almost of his last five and a half years on earth with him.  What a huge adjustment this is going to be.  For both of us!

He has grown so much in his last year of school.  We couldn't be more proud of the little man he's becoming.  He's smart, helpful, kind, generous, and sooo funny!  And, apparently, he prefers pictures taken on the first day of school opposed to the last ;)

We are so happy with the school we chose for him.  Picking a preschool is tough!  But, he has thrived, made a lot of new friends, had lots of fun, and learned so much!

Redmond, we are SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!  We couldn't ask for a better son, and I know your sister could never ask for a better brother.  Keep being you are and you are going to soar!  Can't wait for all the adventures and stories Kindergarten will bring your way. 

Mommy and Daddy <3

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