Monday, June 1, 2015

Meet Our Ladies!

It only took us two months, but we officially have named all of our chickens!  It will be nice to finally call them by a name, not 'hey chicken!'  One reason it took so long for us to name them is because we couldn't tell them apart.  Our two Barred Rock hens are still pretty difficult to tell apart.


Redmond had a lot of fun with the names, Ashlyn stole two of Redmond's names so he technically named four of them.  Jason knew what his would be named from the get-go.  Me......well, I took a long time to figure it out :)

The Barred Rocks were the very first with names.  Redmond announced the names 'Fork' and 'Bork' the day we brought the baby chicks home.  Ashlyn would not come up with anything other than these two names once she heard them, so Redmond graciously let her claim them.

Since he gave up the first two names he came up with, Redmond decided that he would name the two ISA Brown hens as well - meet 'Pancake' and 'Bacon':

The last three - our Rhode Island Reds - were named by Jason and I.  Jason named his 'Neitzel' and I named two 'Corky St. Clair' and 'Libby Mae'.  Bonus points if you can name that team and/or movie!

All named and living the good life!

Much more to come from the Hayes Hen House!
~ Sara :)

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