Tuesday, June 23, 2015

D-A-D Craft

I wanted the kids to do something fun and crafty for Father's Day this year.  I had seen the idea of having kids hold the letters D-A-D, taking photos and then framing them together a couple years ago.  I've thought about doing it every year, but this year, I finally did it!
I picked up the letters from Hobby Lobby and, my first thought was to paint them myself.  But then, why not have the kids paint them?  They each got to paint a 'D' and then they both painted on the 'A'.  Worked great!

Once the letters were painted and dried, I got the kids dressed (In Michigan State gear, of course) and headed onto the back deck for a photo shoot.  The kids did exceptionally well getting their picture taken.  You just never know what you're going to get when you break out the ol' camera!


Ashlyn was incredibly photogenic that day - I had a hard time choosing which photo to use!
I also took the opportunity to get a picture of them together in their State gear for Jason's office or desk at work:

I picked up a 3 picture frame from the store and put the photos in their new home.  We also wrapped up the letters that the kids painted and gave them to Jason as well.  A simple, inexpensive, thoughtful gift!

What did you do for Father's Day?  Anything fun??  Don't forget to link up with Marie and I for our Monthly Meet Up Party.  This month is all about Father's Day!!
~ Sara :)

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  1. Miss. Ashlyn is all grown up! Seriously, how did that happen?! Anywho, this is adooooorable! You're such a great Mama and a great Wife! You go, girl!