Sunday, October 19, 2014

It's Two Soon!

I'm not quite sure how it happened, but this sweet, cuddly, teeny tiny baby girl you see right here? 
She's TWO!!!!!
I know!  How did this happen?  I swear, it was just yesterday she made her grand entrance into this world. 
It sure has been a great two years!  She is such a fun, energetic, bossy, determined, independent, super duper sweet, cuddly, amazing little girl.  And, let's not forget about how incredibly adorable she is!
I mean, seriously.  That face.  Those eyes.  That hair.  She's perfect!
To celebrate her second year of life, we had a small Rubber Ducky themed party for her.  Her favorite people came to help celebrate. 
My amazingly talented friend Marie not only joined us to celebrate, but made this amazing cake for Ashlyn.  It was perfect and adorable and delicious!

The kids (and adults!) had a great time playing and eating some yummy snacks.  Here are a few photos from Ashlyn's par-tay!


After the party both kids were exhausted!  They took naps and then we headed outside to play in the leaves and enjoy the beautiful fall day! 
One of Ashlyn's favorite foods is pasta so we decided that would be a great birthday dinner.  Judging by the pictures, I think she enjoyed it ;)

What a great day!
Ashlyn, you are!  You are so full of energy and life.  One of your new favorite phrases is "Ashlyn do it!" and "Do it myself!"  You're so independent, but so cuddly, loving and sweet.  I savor every minute that you spend cuddling on my lap.  You absolutely adore your big brother and love playing with him.  You are so quick to share toys with him - it's so sweet!  You are sassy and bossy and so hilarious!  You have the funniest stories to tell and, it's so hard to believe that we were once concerned with you not talking.  We don't worry about that anymore!  Between you and Redmond, there is never a quiet moment in our house :)  Daddy is quickly becoming your favorite person and you ask for him throughout the day.  The moment he walks in the door after work, you are on his lap or climbing on him.  You are one amazing little lady and we love watching you grow and become your own little person.  Happy Birthday!!!  We love you so much!!!

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