Saturday, October 4, 2014

Acorn Crafts

Our new house has a huge oak tree in the front yard.  Acorns were covering our driveway and yard and I decided they would be something fun and festive to be crafty with.
It took a few days to gather enough acorns.  It was quite the dangerous job too because squirrels throw acorns at you the acorns were always falling from the tree.  And trust me, those suckers hurt!
For my first attempt, I put some fake fall flowers in the center of a cylindrical vase and then filled it with acorns.  It was super cute. 


Isn't it cute and fun and festive!?!?
I was so proud of my crafty, beautiful vase. 
So. Proud.
So proud until I walked by a couple days later and noticed all of the mold growing on the acorns.  Mold.   Lots of mold.  Dang.
I told my friend Marie about my crafting woes and, thanks to her amazing Googling (is that a word?  It is now.) ability, I learned I needed to bake the acorns to fully dry them out.
So, I headed outside once again and began collecting more acorns.  A lot more acorns had been thrown fallen, so I was able to collect a lot in no time.
I put the acorns on a baking sheet on top of a rack.  I baked them at 300 for about an hour checking on them every 20 minutes or so.  If you don't use a rack, you will want to flip them halfway through.
Then, I let them sit for about 24 hours to fully cool and dry.
I decided to go a different route with them this time.  I recently inherited some pretty awesome stuff from Jason's generous grandmother and thought this glass pitcher/vase should be on display...on display with a candle and acorns!

So, I picked up an LED candle (with a timer, of course), put that in, then surrounded it with acorns.
That's it!  Easy peasy and super cute! 
Do you have any DIY fall crafts? 

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