Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

Last year, we had a hand-me-down costume from my sister which worked out great.  This year I had to buy one :(  Redmond has been obsessed with monkeys lately, so I was super excited to find a monkey costume on sale at Old Navy - I also found a little newborn skeleton onesie on clearance at Carter's - score!

Redmond still doesn't trick-or-treat (he'll go next year), so I was glad that the Library had a little Halloween party so he was able to wear his costume somewhere other than just to my in-laws.  We started going to Storytime every Wednesday at the library back in September and the wonderful librarian who hosts it, Ms. Linda, said she was going to have a Halloween party for the little kids this year - it was great!  Crazy to look at pictures from his first Halloween last year compared to this year - he is SO much bigger!

He wore his costume there, but we took it off when the snacking/crafts started.  He got a cool pair of glasses and had his first donut - he didn't like it at first, but came back and gobbled it up :)

Ashlyn slept the entire 2 hours we were at the library.  Once we got home she ate and passed out again.  Oh, the life of a baby :)

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