Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

This past Monday was my 31st (gasp!) birthday!  Jason made the day absolutely awesome!  He surprised me by taking the day off of work to spend the whole day with me - yay!!

We started the day by me opening up my gifts (with the help of Redmond, of course)
Redmond got me the cookbook I've been dying for - Cook's Country Cookbook by America's Test Kitchen (I'm slightly obsessed with ATK)....and, apparently he didn't need any coaching or prodding from daddy, he literally picked it out himself!  Jason, being the absolute amazing hubby that he is, got me an adapter so that I can hook up my camera to an iPad.....I was a little confused because, well, I don't own an iPad.  Or, at least I didn't!  He had me get online and order one on Monday so that it was exactly what I wanted - I should have it in a week or two!!!

Jason insisted that we go out to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner so that I didn't have to do any cooking or cleaning.  I wasn't one to argue with that!  We went to Ihop for breakfast (stuffed french toast YUM), got soup and sandwiches from our favorite organic shop for lunch and had Chipotle for dinner.  I really wanted to eat at a place downtown called Quynn's Attic because they have a vegetarian french onion soup that is ah-mazing, but, unfortunately it was cold and rainy all day....not the day to walk around downtown.

After dinner - Jason brought out my cake.  I had requested a cheesecake and boy did he deliver!

That, my friends, is a brownie cheesecake.  Like, there are chunks of brownies in the cheesecake!  It was's a close-up look for you:
Cookie crust, cheesecake with chunks of brownies and a chocolate ganache on top.  It. Was. Amazing.

Amazing day thanks to my amazing honey!!!

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