Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Jason!!!

My wonderful, amazing hubby turned the big 3-1 today!  It was so nice that his birthday was on the weekend so we could spend the day with him and, more importantly, he didn't have to work. 

After breakfast, Jason opened up his gifts....with Redmond's (and Oliver's) help, of course.


He made out pretty well if I do say so myself ☺  The last picture is one of his gifts - it's a bacon chocolate bar.  He's not the biggest fan of chocolate, but he LOVES bacon.  It's the only chocolate that he doesn't have to worry about me stealing!

After that we decided to go on a little walk to the neighborhood park so that Redmond could play for a little bit.  We came back, ate lunch, and put R down for a nap.  When he got up we loaded up in the car and headed to the zoo (post on that coming soon).  Redmond really seemed to enjoy himself there!  We came back, relaxed for a bit then headed out to dinner - Jason wanted to go to a really good Mexican place here in Frederick.  I wasn't going to argue that!  After a yummy dinner, a little serenading by the Mariachi Band and many margaritas (for Jason, obvs, not me) we headed home for dessert.

Jason just wanted one cupcake - he didn't want the temptation of having an entire cake in the house (which is good because I would have eaten it) so I picked some up at Wegmans yesterday.

We tried to give Redmond a cupcake, but apparently, he's still terrified of them for some reason.  As soon as I put it on his high chair tray he started screaming and crying!

All in all a great day!  The birthday boy is happy so I'm happy!  Happy birthday baby!!!!

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