Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Extended Chicken Run - Part One

One of the best additions to our little homestead this spring was our new chicken run that Jason built.  It extends from their current run along the north side of our garden over to a nice, large area on the east side of our garden. 


There is a large pine tree that not only gives them shade, but also keeps them safe from over head predators. 
I'm looking at you, hawks.   I see you up there circling....

 This gives the chicken so much more space!  They have lots of weeds and grass to eat, dirt to dig up and worms and bugs to find.

So nice to be able to have them out with more space and not have to worry about any type of predator getting to them. 

This is just the beginning of what we have planned for our chicken run.  Stay tuned to see what we do next!

~ Sara :)

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