Sunday, December 11, 2016

Redmond is SIX!!!

We had a big birthday at the Hayes Homestead recently.  Redmond turned SIX!!!

Six years old.  Wow.  That happened fast.

The day before his birthday, we threw him a big Batman themed birthday bash!

Redmond had a great time!  I mean, how could a six year old not have fun with friends, bounce houses, and cupcakes!?

His actual birthday was on a Monday, so it was off to school for him in the morning.  We made chocolate sugar cookies the day before for him to take in for his birthday.

Since he had his big party the day before, we kept his actual birthday pretty low key.  He wanted to go out for dinner to his favorite Mexican restaurant, so we all met Jason's parents there for dinner.  He had his usual - quesadilla and rice - and then we headed home for (leftover :) cupcakes and presents.

He got some (more!) great Batman gear!

He had a great birthday and we are so lucky he's got so many fantastic people in his life!

It's been so fun watching Redmond grow so much this year!  He's witty, smart, a negotiator, super sensitive (like his mama...), kind, shy, caring, and an amazing big brother.  He is a worrier (also like his mama....) and always needs to feel safe and secure.  He could build legos or draw/color pictures all day long.  His Grandpa is his absolute best buddy, with daddy coming in a close second ;)  He is beginning to read and his writing is getting so good!  When he's not building legos or coloring, we spend a lot of time playing board games - Monopoly Junior and Stratego are his current faves.

Redmond, we are so so proud of you!  You're such an amazing kid and are so thankful you made us parents.  We love you so much!

Happy SIXTH birthday, buddy!!

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