Sunday, November 6, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween was tons of fun this year!  Festivities began on the Friday before - both kids had their Halloween parties at school so it was a busy day.  Thankfully wherever I went I had protection.  No bad guys were messing with Batman or Batgirl!


Once I had both kids dropped off, I hung around at Redmond's school for their Halloween parade.  About 500 kids ages 5-7 dressed up in costumes?  So. Much. Cuteness! 

After Redmond's parade, I headed back to Ashlyn's school for her trick or treating.  She scored lots of candy and did so well saying "trick or treat" and "thank you" in her cute little pixie voice.

Later that afternoon, it was time for me to get into my costume for a little Halloween get together that Marie and her hubby hosted.  The kids picked out my costume.....any guesses??? 

The kids wanted me to be Poison Ivy so they could 'capture' me :)

Then, it was time to par-tay!!!  Seriously, how cute are all these kiddos?  An added bonus?  All the kids were terrified of me and my red hair.  Muahahahahaha!!!!  (Seriously, one of the little boys wouldn't even take a cookie from me!)

Over the weekend we got the kids pumpkins all carved.  Redmond drew the face he wanted and give Jason the job to make it happen.  (The green booger/snot was a last minute addition).

I was put in charge of Ashlyn's.  She drew it on the pumpkin and I did my best to get it carved.  These pumpkins are from our garden and were super thick and tricky to carve!

Halloween morning, the kids were decked out in their Halloween shirts and we took Redmond to school.  I felt bad for all the teachers that day.  I'm sure it was complete and total chaos!


The excitement after school - oh, the excitement!  When I picked up Redmond from school his teacher was telling all of the parents "good luck" as we walked out of the classroom :)  Those kids were wired.  We got home and I made the kids a quick dinner.  Look at this super cute pasta I found at Aldi - black and orange pasta in the shapes of witches, pumpkins, and bats.  Perfect meal for pre-trick or treating!

We have an awesome neighbor across the street who sets up a hay ride for neighborhood kids each year.  So, Jason and the kids hopped on that and went trick or treating while the pumpkins and I stayed home and handed out candy.

The weather really cooperated this year, unlike the previous years (snow, rain, sideways rain, etc...) so I was able to sit out on our porch to hand out candy. 

After trick or treating, candy counting, piling, organizing, and consuming commenced. 

The kids had such a great time!  It's so much fun to experience these holidays through their eyes :)

Happy (Belated) Halloween!!!

~ Sara :)

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