Thursday, February 18, 2016

Friday Favorites!!

Hi everyone!  It's been a hot minute since I've joined into any Friday blogging fun, but we've had some stuff happening around here lately, and what better way to share than with a quick recap!?
When we were on our way to pick Redmond up from school one day, Ashlyn was busy in the backseat with her Magna-Doodle.  Much to my surprise, she ended up doodling a pretty good portrait of Jason and I.  I mean, she's no Picasso, but she's well on her way ;)
(I'm on the left, Jason on the right.  "Those are bees coming out of daddy's head.  And he doesn't like those bees." :)
Swim Lessons: Round Two!
The last round of swim lessons did not go so well for Mr. Redmond.  He was that kid.  You know, the one screaming at the top of his lungs for the majority of the lesson, completely hysterical and uncooperative.  But this time?  Totally different!  Of course he was nervous at first, but he and Ashlyn are in the same class this time so having his little sister there to protect him makes a huge difference.

I mentioned a few posts back that I'm now a Young Living distributor.  I'm loving what these oils have done and can do - they're amazing!  My girl Marie has graciously opened up her house and I'm hosting my first party/class! 
I may be just as excited about the food as I am about the class :)
(If you have any questions about YLEOs, drop me a line - I'd love to chat!!)
We are totally learning this whole having chickens thing as we go.  The most recent thing we learned?  If they get bored, they will attack each other and could potentially turn into cannibals.  Seriously, chickens? 
A few days ago, I noticed that Libby Mae had a nasty open wound on her back.  Well, after researching, we concluded that the other chickens were bored and taking it out on poor LM.  It's been pretty cold here lately, the coldest it's been all winter, and that plays a huge part in it.  So, Jason pulled our old Christmas tree, some large stumps and a few other things into their run to try to occupy them.  So far so good.  Fingers (and wings!) crossed!
Did you see the recipe I posted earlier this week?  One of my favorite things about Fall and Winter is soup.  I love a good soup.  A few weeks ago I whipped up a Cheesy Corn and Potato Chowder with some ingredients we had that needed used it up.  It was so.good.
That's all I've got for this week - have a great weekend everyone!!
~ Sara :)
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  1. Oh my goodness! I did NOT know that about chickens either. We are planning to get some this year, so I'm glad I saw this post! Who knew chickens could be bored?!

  2. Oh my, I love the drawing, so sweet! I so want chickens too!

  3. Bees! Haha! Well, I mean...that's a pretty awesome picture with or without bees! Great job, Ashlyn.

    That recipe looks soooo yummy. I'll definitely be trying it out. Guuuuurl, you're so talented!

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