Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Vintage Circus Gala

Jason and I decided to attend a Charity Gala/Ball this year to support a local hospital.  We convinced Marie and her husband to go and we had a few other friends go as well.  I had no idea how much fun it would be!

The theme was Vintage Circus and one of my BFF's, Katy, was in charge of all the décor and entertainment.  She did amazing!  There were acrobats, a contortionist, magician, fire-breather, a guy on stilts, fortune tellers, great food, great drinks and lots and lots of fun!

Katy, Marie and I went and got our hair done in the afternoon and then headed to the hotel to get ready.  I loved getting all done up!  It was nice to trade in my yoga pants for a night ;)  Jason was looking quite dapper too!

Once it was time to par-tay, I broke out my selfie stick.  Yes, I am the owner of a selfie stick.  It was a gift.  No, really, it was!
Anyhoo, get ready for picture overload:
Myself, Katy, and Marie - ready to partyyyy!!
We had a delicious dinner and the drinks were a-flowing nicely.  After dinner, the entertainment began.  At one point the magician headed over to where we were mingling.  First, he took my selfie stick....
He was amazing!!  I even got to participate in one of his tricks.  He had me hold a deck of cards and then turned it into a glass block while it was in my hand!  I crack up every time I see this photo Marie snapped of him some serious side-eye.  Seriously, how'd he do that!?
The guy with the stilts was also amazing.  But, do you have any idea how hard it is to get a selfie with a man who is a couple stories tall?  Even with a selfie stick.  Marie and I tried our damnedest though...
I even walked the tightrope with Jason!
I don't think I've ever taken as many selfies in my life as I took on Saturday night...

We closed the party down and rocked it out on the dance floor.  I know there is photographic proof of me attempting to Whip/NaeNae out there somewhere....I just hope it stays hidden....
It was an awesome evening Under the Big Top!!  Nothing like spending the evening with a bunch of clowns ;)
~ Sara :)


  1. On our visit to this place, we mostly stayed downstairs, where the beer and liquor selection was quite admirable. The staff San Francisco venues really pride themselves on the beers and food they have.