Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Artwork Display

One thing that has been on my to-do list for awhile (like, since we moved in 6 months ago) was to create a little area to show off all of the kids' artwork.  We have the perfect spot in the playroom, on the east wall.  It's a part of the wall that used to be open, looking into the kitchen/living area. 
 The previous owners filled it in (thankfully) but it isn't flushed with the rest of the wall and is inset by about an inch.  A perfect frame if you ask me!
This was a very simple, cheap, easy and fast DIY!  All I used was:
Jute String
Push pins (or nails)
Super glue
Teeny Tiny Clothes Pins....aren't they adorable?!:
First, I measured how long I needed the Jute string to be and cut it.  Then, I tied each end to a pushpin.  Slide the knot back and put a layer of super glue around the base of the pushpin, where the string will sit.  Try your best not to super glue your fingers.  Slide the knot down to where the layer of super glue is.  Let them sit and dry, at least an hour.
 I used pushpins because of the thinness of the wall.  If you're hanging on a thicker wall, go ahead and use nails.  
Once they're good and dry, use your muscles and push those pins into the wall and show off that artwork!

I'm really happy with how it turned out.  So simple, easy and fast!  Love that now we have some place to display all of the incredible artwork that's made in our home ;)
How do you show off your little artist's work?  Let's see it!