Thursday, November 6, 2014

Redmond's First Field Trip

Today was a super exciting day for Redmond (okay, okay, it was for me too!)!!  He had his first field trip! 
His preschool class went to visit our local fire station today.  The best part???  He got to ride on a school bus!  You have no idea how exciting this was for him.  He has been dying to ride on a school bus for years.  Years I tell ya!
Ashlyn and I got to tag along too, but, since Ashlyn was coming, her and I weren't able to ride on the bus.  I admit, I'm a little sad I didn't get to experience the excitement that I know was beaming from Redmond on that 5 minute bus ride, but hearing about it from his point of view made up for it :)
We spent about an hour at the fire station.  We got a tour, shown equipment, where they sleep, eat, plan, etc.  The kids even got to watch one of the firefighters slide down the fire pole.  So cool!
Redmond was stoked to be able to sit inside one of the fire trucks.  They also got to see one of the firefighters put on all of the equipment they use when fighting a fire. 
It was great day and I can't believe that my little boy is old enough to be going on field trips.  That's just so.....old.
Here are a few photos from his exciting trip!

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