Sunday, September 7, 2014

Camping Adventure!

Jason and I love camping, but, we haven't been since our first anniversary when I was four months pregnant with Redmond.  Well, until now!  We decided that the kids were old enough and we'd give it a try.  We went to someplace we had already been before - a KOA in Muskegon, MI.  We may have been a little ambitious picking someplace three hours away for our first trip, but it turned out to be a great trip!

We left right after lunch on Friday so that the kids could nap in the car on the way there.  Thankfully, they didn't disappoint....
I spy a Doodle....
Once we (finally!) arrived, we got the tent set up.  The kids thought the tent was the coolest.thing.ever!  They probably would have been fine with just playing on the air mattresses all weekend!
Our little daredevil!  No fear!

While the kids played in the tent, Jason got to work building a fire so we could get dinner made.  The kids were so excited to make pizza and pies over the campfire.  And, let's be honest, Jason and I were pretty excited about it too.

After dinner we went out to explore.  I remembered there being a huge inflatable pillow when Jason and I had been here years ago.  I knew the kids would love it.  I (of course) was right ;)  It took Ashlyn a few tries to get on it, but no surprise that she mastered it in no time.  Great way to burn off energy!
Bedtime was a bit of a struggle.  The hopes of the kids sleeping soundly so Jason and I could enjoy the fire and a beer (or two) were quickly diminished.  Too much excitement and everyone in one tent does not make for great sleeping arrangements :)  But, we all finally fell asleep!
Saturday was a day full of fun!  We started by cooking breakfast over the fire.  Once we were full we ready to go on a hike!  There was a nice hiking trail around the lake. 
Hikes are the perfect time to play peek-a-boo ;)
We even found some railroad tracks!

No big surprise that the kids needed a bit of a break from walking.  I was ready and equipped with my carrier and Jason was equipped with....well, his shoulders!
After our hike it was time for some swimming!  It was a little chilly for me (does that mean I'm old!?!?!), but the kids loved the water. 
After the beach, it was time for lunch and naps.  Thankfully, Ashlyn laid down and took a nap without a fight.  We let Redmond skip his nap.  He had been asking to ride on the dune-buggy type bikes that you could rent at the campground.  We figured this was the perfect time to do this with him.  He loved it!
We spend the rest of the afternoon loading up the car and taking trips to the jumping pillow and playground and hanging out by the fire (with squirt guns!).  Since we were just planning on waking up the next morning and heading home, we decided that we would load up the car after Ashlyn's nap and leave around bedtime.  Then, we could all sleep in our own beds and get a better nights sleep. 
We cooked one last meal over the fire for dinner (chicken sausage and potatoes), had s'mores for dessert (deconstructed s'mores for Redmond - too melted marshmallows were toooo sticky :), jumped on the jumping pillow one more time, got pajamas on and hit the road.
Since he skipped his nap, Redmond fell asleep almost immediately.  Ashlyn, on the other hand, had lots of stories to tell before she could drift off to sleep.  I got a little on video...

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  1. So fun! Those dune-buggy bikes look like a blast!