Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Moving on Up!

Its been quite the eventful Spring/Summer for our family this year.  We started house hunting in the early spring and began working on our house to get it ready to hit the market.  In between house hunting we had trips to Virginia and South Carolina for wedding number one and then we flew to California for wedding number two.  We weren't being very successful with our house hunting.  We found one that I loved, but they were asking way too much.  We put a bid on it, but there was no way the seller was going to drop the price as much as it needed to be.

Then, I was scrolling through Facebook one day and found a house for sale by owner.  It was in the neighborhood we really liked so we decided to call and take a look at it.  So, two days before we were going to leave for Cali we went to check it out.  Jason loved it and I liked it (I was still really stuck on the other house that I loved.  Nothing else could compare).  The owner told us that since they were dealing with a relocation company they had to list the house through a realtor.  He wasn't sure when it would happen; we just hoped it would wait until we got back from our trip.

When we got back from California, it still hadn't been listed.  Phew!  Our realtor was already on alert to let us know ASAP once it was listed so we could put an offer on it.  It took another week, but we got our offer in and it was accepted!  The hunt was finally over!  

It was a looooong month of paperwork (dealing with a large relocation company was a huge annoyance), but we finally signed all the paperwork, handed over a check and bought our new home!  We officially moved in on July month ago today.  It didn't take long for it to feel like home :)

Home Sweet Home.

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