Tuesday, April 22, 2014

South Carolina - Round One

After we left Virginia we were headed for Conway, SC to visit with my brother, sister-in-law and niece.  We decided to break up the trip and stayed in a hotel in NC with a pool.  The kids LOVED swimming in the pool.  It was a nice little break and time to regroup a little.
We got to my brother's on Sunday at lunch (we actually would have been there quite a bit earlier, but *someone* left their wallet in our hotel and didn't realize it until we were two hours into our trip....I'm not naming names, but it wasn't me! :).  After we ate lunch and the kids took a short nap we decided to check out their local zoo.  Jason had had enough traveling so he decided to stay in and watch The Masters. 
The zoo was small which was perfect - the kids loved it.  We were able to feed a lot of the animals too.  Redmond loves feeding animals.  His uncle and aunt were happy to help him :)
It was nice having my niece around to help with the grunt work every once in awhile!
The next day was Jason's birthday!  We went to a restaurant recommended by my brother.  O.M.G. it was like I died and went to carb-a-holic heaven (which, really, would be my dream!).  There was a huge salad/pasta bar and then there were about 10 different dishes that waiters brought around that you could have.  They'd give you a small portion and move on.  It was ah-mazing!  My ideal meal consists of lots of options.  The kids absolutely loved it.  I loved it.  It felt more like my birthday!
Jason requested a birthday cookie.  The kids and my niece made a trip in the morning to the store to get him just that.  Although we barely had room after all that pasta!
The next couple of days it rained, but we were able to sneak off to a park right by my brother's house for a little play time one morning.
The complex my niece plays softball at is amazing.  One night while she had practice my brother, Jason and the kids played at one of the playgrounds and then my brother took Redmond fishing at a pond there.  My sister-in-law and I decided to skip out to have a few drinks :)
For our last big Hurrah in Conway/Myrtle Beach, we went to Ripley's Aquarium.  Between spring breakers and everyone looking for an escape from the rain, it was packed!  But, it was a lot of fun.  The kids had a blast.
The best part of the aquarium is this conveyor belt that takes you through an enclosed tunnel where fish, sharks, turtles, etc. swim over and next to you.  The kids were so enthralled with it!
I think Ashlyn could have just stared at the fish all day long!
The kids found a great place to explore and climb. 
So, we had a great visit with my brother and his family.  I didn't want to leave!  We did so many things, but also had a good time laughing and relaxing too.  Redmond's absolute favorite thing about our trip to his aunt and uncle's house?  The doggy door of course!  Once he figured out he could go in and out through the dog door - that was the only way he would go in and out of the house!
Silly kid!

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  1. Love it! Mmmm...Pasta... Ashlyn has grown up sooo much since then! It's crazy how they change so fast. :)