Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Threading Beads

We first did this activity about a year ago (that's when these pictures were taken, I forgot I had them :).  It's a great way for kids to work on their hand-eye coordination, along with colors and counting.  We don't do this activity too much anymore, but we'll be getting it out again soon for Ashlyn.

Pipe cleaners
Plastic beads
Rimmed cookie sheet
I already had the cookie sheet, the other things I bought at the dollar store.

Place the colander upside down on the cookie sheet.  Stick pipe cleaners through the holes of the colander and then thread them with the beads (the cookie sheet is just there to catch any stray beads).


The first couple times I got this activity out, Redmond entertained himself for at least 30 minutes.  Priceless.

Oh the concentration.  Look at that wittle guy!!!

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