Thursday, October 11, 2012

38 weeks!!!

Had my 38w check up today and I'm dilated to 1 cm!!!! This is quite exciting for me because I didn't dilate at all with Redmond until I was in labor. The end is in sight!!

I've had a few random cravings this week - hot chocolate, garlic bread and stuffing. I had hot chocolate (twice!) and garlic bread today....wonder if I can wait till Thanksgiving for the stuffing...

I have been nesting like crazy - organizing, cleaning and tossing. I have put the label maker to VERY good use!

I'm ready to not be pregnant and meet our daughter. I'm also ready for jeans that button and zip and a glass of wine ;)


  1. Fix that veggie stuffing. It's incredible! I froze it since I can't fix the squash til next week. You look fabulous btw!

    1. Thanks Tracy :). I might make that stuffing next week - it sounds awesome!!