Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hardwood Floor: 1, Redmond: 0

Our house in MD has all hardwood floors which I love and hate (just like carpet).  It's especially easy to hate when you have a toddler.  All of their falls are that much harder and, in this case, painful.

There's a reason why we tell Redmond he can't stand, walk or do his patent 'spin move' (which his father proudly says he learned from him) on the couch.  Because, inevitably, something like this is going to happen:

Trying to show off for his doggie pillow pet, poor little dude fell face first off of the couch onto the hardwood.  It actually didn't bleed nearly as much as I was afraid of and I think me trying to clean it pissed him off more than anything.  Some cuddles, kisses, a lovey and paci made everything all better and it was as good as new in a few days!

P.S.  He still stands/walks/spins on the couch every chance he gets (aka - when we're not looking).

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