Thursday, March 29, 2012

BIG News!!!

I've been totally neglecting my little blog here for far too long.  I've been busy, not feeling well and well, just unmotivated.  But, I'm back and and I'm coming back with a BANG!

Redmond's going to be a BIG brother!!!!

I'm just over 10 weeks pregnant, we actually found out on Oliver's Birthday, but wanted to keep it under wraps until our first Dr.'s appt which was last Friday.  We got in a little early because we were leaving for MD for 5 weeks, so it was hard to get a good shot of the baby, but here he/she is at just 9w2d and just over 2.5cm:
The heartbeat was a strong 158 BPM <3
We're so excited and can't wait for our family to be complete.  I've been battling morning all day sickness for most of the time, but it's finally subsiding.  I didn't really have morning sickness when pregnant with Redmond, man that really sucks!  Maybe that means this is a girl??? We find out on May 31st what we're having - as long as baby cooperates!

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