Sunday, February 26, 2012

Redmond is 15 Months!

I say this every month, but I can't believe Redmond is 15 months already!  He's totally becoming a little man and cracks me up every day.  He had his 15m check up this week and is holding steady in the 20th-25th percentile for weight and height.
He is all over the place, but is such a (for the most part) well-behaved little boy.  He has almost figured out how to run at full speed.  It won't be long until he'll be giving me an even better workout while I chase after him!
He's going through quite a difficult eating stage right now, basically eating the exact same thing every day.  He once was such a great eater, trying any and every thing you put in front of him.  His normal day is an egg and cheese omelet with a banana for breakfast, PB & J or cheese quesadilla and kiwi or strawberries for lunch and Greek yogurt, applesauce and bread for dinner.  Every once in awhile he'll make my day and at least try something new.  Sometimes he'll even eat it!  I sure hope this is just a phase and that it passes very quickly! He's getting really good with a spoon too! 

He LOVES giving kisses and is really becoming fond of Oliver...although Oliver doesn't always feel the same way :)  He could sit and watch Elmo all day, but being the mean parents we are we really limit TV time.  He gets to watch about 1 hour a day, some times 2.  He can't get through a day without his lovey or his pacifier. When he's sleepy, he goes into his room, reaches his little arm through the crib slats and pulls them out.  It's so cute!
He has always been very vocal and just talks and talks.  He has a handful of words that he uses on an a daily basis: dada, mama, cookie, doggie, ball, bye-bye (or bye or good bye) and he also knows a few signs: bye, eat, drink, all done, more and hot.  I love watching him learn and grow every single day.  I just love my little man!!!

15 Month Stats:
Height:   29.5 inches
Weight:  21.12 inches
Head:    18.75 inches

Birth - 12 Month stats are here

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